Thursday, 14 January 2010

Framing Street Art

The bold subject matter of street art enables us to really push the boundaries with framing. We've recently framed this great image by Dran - its float mounted on a white museum board background, with a white timber frame that has been splattered with paint to reflect whats going on in the work.

The value of the frame in comparison to the print is often questioned with street art. This print was £130 from Pictures on Walls (now sold out), whilst the frame was over three times that amount. This is due not only to the high standard of craftsmanship and design (all our frame moulding is run by hand from FSC certified timber), but most importantly its the high quality museum standard materials - in particular the glazing which is ultra violet filtering and low reflective. We believe its worth protecting art that you love, especially if you expect it to rise in value.

Watch this space for images of works we've framed by Adam Neate and Banksy.

Free Speech, Dran

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